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Some crossovers will permit you to set the low and higher pass filters separately, which permits you to tune out acoustic peaks or valleys at or close to the crossover frequencies. To understand the method by which the crossover does its job, we have to first understand the notion of impedance. For example, a 3-way crossover is a component that you truly wire between your head unit and many amplifiers.

Typically, it’s damaging for a speaker to create frequencies lower than that which it was intended for. Every speaker differs and the circuit necessary to reach optimal performance cannot be found in a catalog. Therefore, multiple speakers have to be used. Put simply, a minimal impedance speaker is a huge workload for your amp and a high impedance speaker is a little load.

Regrettably, it will get a bit more complicated when we use more than one speaker. Speakers include a lengthy wound loop of wire referred to as a voice coil. In some instances additional speakers can be added to raise the quantity of volume you may achieve or to place speakers in additional rooms, additional locations in your automobile, and so forth. If you’ve got many diverse speakers, like a few subwoofers and a couple full range speakers and possibly some tweeters you general get the very best sound from using a multi channel amplifier or various amplifiers that are dedicated to every sort of speakers.


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